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How to Choose a Diamond 
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An Introductory Tutorial

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Over the past decade, the industry learned that diamonds mined in some
Third World countries had become revenue sources for rebel uprisings.
The resulting suffering and bloodshed had become rampant and sickening.

Those gemstones came to be known as “blood diamonds” or “conflict diamonds.”

In 2000, the global diamond industry declared a Zero-Tolerance Policy for “conflict diamonds,”
working with the United Nations to create the Kimberly Process Certification
System (formally adopted in 2003) to exclude “conflict diamonds” from the ethical diamond distribution chain. 

Like other principled diamond vendors, WEDDING BANDS & COMPANY
volunteers to
warrant that every diamond we sell is conflict free, has been purchased from
a known and
honorable source, meets or exceeds UN standards, and complies
with the ethical
standards of the international diamond supply chain.

By now, you might already be a diamond expert. You might even have purchased your diamond
center stone. Or your dream-engagement-ring might feature a diamond that comes from your family.

Wedding Bands Company by Koorosh Daneshgar Fine Jewelry Designer
has lots of experience
with all these situations.

Or perhaps you are a bit daunted by all pertinent considerations and vocabulary required
to make an intelligent diamond purchase decision. We can help you learn what you need
to know about "How to choose the perfect diamond", when we meet face to face. 

Until then, here is a little introduction to the kinds of measures and definitions that will
guide your selection of the diamond(s) that will gratify your heart (and dazzle your eye)
every single day, for the rest of your life.

                                                            The "Four Cs"